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Corporate identity, a company’s brand names or logos, can be the most valuable marketing tool that it owns. Quite simply, trademarks sell products and services. Registration of a trademark protects this important business asset, giving the proprietor the legal remedy to prevent others from using the same or similar mark and protecting your legitimate service industry or manufacturing base. We help you manage your trademarks portfolio and check if they are dully protected.

PATENTREE is ready to represent directly before the Portuguese, European Union and International trademark systems, as well as through carefully selected local specialist firms in jurisdictions around the world, filing and prosecuting your trademark with efficiency and businesswise results. We are ready to defend your registered signs and oppose conflicting trademark applications and registrations, such that your trademarks are a compelling indication of the source of your products or services.

We can potect your trademarks globaly through an established network of foreingh associates.

Our services include:

– Advisory services;
– Searches and clearance studies;

– Protection of Trademark rights throughout the world
(where required in close cooperation with foreign colleagues;

– Trademark portfolio management;

– Representation before the EU Trademark Office, WIPO, and INPI in registration and related procedures such as oppositions;

– Maintaining and enforcing Trademark rights: infringement and validity opinions as well as coordination and substantive counsel in disputes and litigation.

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Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.