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Strategic IP Services

Patent search

With patents as core activity, our patent attorneys are known for their expertise. They assist you with patent prosecution, protection of intellectual property and infringement actions. With more than 10 professionals we cover the full spectrum of technical disciplines, from biotech to semiconductors, from food and health technology to telecommunication. Our expertise, combined with a keen business sense, enables us to handle IP from your business perspective.

Trademark clearance

We provide a full range of trademark services nationally, with INPI-PT, at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and internationally at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), including advising on the establishment of new trademarks, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, dealing with official objections, managing third party rights and oppositions, pursuing cancellation actions, advising in sale and licensing transactions, maintenance of registrations and general support of litigation activities. We also review and diagnose trade mark portfolios to help you decide how and if your products and services branding is adequately protected by trademark registrations.

IP Portfolio management

Intellectual property rights should be verified against products or services, checking the alignment with the business objectives and market conditions, and not filed independently of business strategies and goals. IP portfolio management decisions are crucial for keeping a robust IP strategy aligned and contributing to your overall business strategy.

At PATENTREE you will find professionals able to understand your business needs and provide a solution that meets your objectives efficiently and effectively.

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

The grant of a patent is a negative right: it provides the right to stop others from exploiting your invention. Nevertheless this does not entitle you the right to ignore other people’s patents (or other IP rights). In this sense, is important to understand prior to the “go-to-market” phase, if your product or service falls, or not, within the scope of a protected invention, whether under a granted patent or which is to be granted. If there are relevant patents already granted or registered trademarks in the relevant territories, then the owner of these patents or marks can stop you from running commercially related activities.

An FTO report comprehends a fine search of all patents in a given territory that may generate enforcement risk into the correct exploitation of your product or service. The patents suspected of creating such risk, will be normally be examined claim by claim, relating if and/or how it may affect your business assets and activities.

IP Department outsourcing

PATENTREE understands the need for focus on what is really important – your business, what you do best. We know that IP issues can be hard to manage and even more difficult to handle practically. IP administrative work, such as filing, searches, monitoring third party activities and paying fees should not be undue burdens to the core activities of your company, thus may be easily outsourced with us without loss of control on strategic competencies and decisions.

At PATENTREE you will find professionals able to understand your business needs and provide a solution that meets your objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.