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Knowledge Centres

Knowledge Centres are meant to include any entity or institution that has research, development or innovation as its primary activity, such as research institutes, higher-education faculties or universities.

These Centres are by nature IP intensive, and in most cases focus on their core competencies, lacking internal human or legal resources on protecting potential IP assets, managing IP rights or even how to define a cost-effective IP strategy having quantifiable returns.

At PATENTREE, Knowledge Centres can find support on defining an IP strategy, drafting of IP protection documents and applications, managing IP rights or outsourcing their IP department. We can help Knowledge Centres make IP protection a process rather than isolated events, either by outsourcing or by training your R&D teams.

See how we can assist your r&d centre or institute:

– Assessing patentability, and performing and evaluating prior art;

– Assuming responsibility for the preparation, drafting and submission of patent applications and filing and prosecution in the main jurisdictions, i.e. INPI-PT, EPO, WIPO, USPTO;

– Preparing and filing responses and appeals at the EPO;

– Advising in patent or utility model applications, and in complex protection strategies;

– Due diligence;

– IP portfolio management and assertion;

– Offering IP department outsourcing, including comprehensive advice on matters relating to employee inventions;

– In-house training;

– Other services in designs, and other intellectual property rights.

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Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.