Patentree | Copyrights
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Copyright law is aimed at the protection of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic covers and economic rights and duties of a personal nature, called moral rights.

Although the protection or the copyright registration is not mandatory or an obligation for the creator, it is extremely advisable because it guarantees who registers a literary or artistic work the right of ownership the presumption of ownership of the work. There are many works that can be protected and registered and this is a very important and increased protection of the rights of authors and rights holders’ element of his works, especially when, in a click, literary works and art can be shared or broadcasted in a digital environment for the whole world.

We can advise on the scope of copyright, duration of protection or if the work infringes rights of third parties. Also we carry out the registration of works to facilitate the determination of the date of creation of the work, authorship and ownership, accompanied by the necessary legal support.

Our services include:

– advising in copyright matters, copyright applications and in complex copyright protection strategies;

– assessing originality and authorship, namely of computer code;

– advising of appropriate internal software license management;

– preparation and submission of copyright registration applications;

– advising on restrictions and prohibitions regarding to copyright matters;

– assisting in due diligence efforts;

– reviewing existing copyright portfolios, advising on its strengths and weaknesses;
– helping with interconnecting IP rights in designs, patents and other intellectual property rights, namely for software companies.

Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.