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Fully committed to your innovations
Fully committed to your innovations
Fully committed to your innovations


Founded in 2013, operating as PATENTS.PT, PATENTREE is a highly qualified firm with over 15 years of intellectual property (IP) experience in filing, prosecution and enforcement in Portugal, Europe, EU individual states, US and other jurisdictions. PATENTREE is a ground-breaking firm in Portugal and currently the only IP firm employing several EQE qualified European Patent Attorneys.

The attorneys from PATENTREE are dedicated to raising IP awareness in Portugal, and are continuously involved in important training courses in Portugal and abroad in IP Law, including tutors with CEIPI – Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies with the University of Strasbourg, and with EPI – Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. PATENTREE’s professionals have had internships with the leading institutions like the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union (EU).

Known for being a team of responsive advisers, PATENTREE communicates easily with scientists, managers and investors, being successful in opposition, intervention and appeal cases. PATENTREE has professionals with extensive experience in patent and arbitration court, in particular as experts and technical assistants, including the European Patent Litigation Certificate.


PATENTREE’s professionals share a passion for knowledge, working closely together with clients to reach a full understanding of the technology and to provide precise and skilful IP answers tailored to their needs. PATENTREE’s client portfolio includes companies that are active worldwide and innovation leading companies in Europe and abroad. The firm is internationally oriented and has long and tested protection results across the whole world. The firm also has a broad-experience formalities department.

PATENTREE is committed to creating business value to the clients, by obtaining effective IP protection in all fields – Industrial and pure chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Food Tech, Mechanics, Software, Optics, Nanotech, Medical Devices, Renewable Energies, Electronics and Tele-communications – both in Portugal and abroad.

Join us!

We are expanding and we welcome job applications from professionals with scientific or technical training, a good working level of Portuguese and English, communication skills,  sociable attitude and continuous learning capacity. Knowledge of the patent system is a plus but not mandatory.

We offer the chance to join a firm in expansion, with professional prestige and the opportunity to work within a dynamic team, in an excellent work environment.

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Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.