Patentree | Foreign associates
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Foreign associates

As a foreign associate you are looking for cost-effective high-quality work in representing your clients in Portugal or Europe. We offer reliable pricing advising you for predictable IP outcomes before the Portuguese and European patent offices.

PATENTREE is happy to be partial to your client IP objectives while ensuring a conflict-free counsel. We take EP validations seriously, both technically and linguistically, safeguarding rigor and precision in your patent protection in Portugal and Europe.

See how we can assist you, as a foreign associate:

– PCT national phase entry in Portugal (INPI-PT)

– PCT regional phase entry at the European Patent Office (EPO)

– Translation Services for patent and other IP rights

– European Patent Validation in Portugal (INPI-PT)

– European Patent validation across Europe

– Legal support in Portugal and other EU countries

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Innovation is your commitment, protecting it is ours.