Patentree | PATENTREE sponsored ECOTROPHELIA Prize 2018
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Patentree sponsored the Ecotrophelia Portugal Prize 2018, organized by PortugalFoods.

The Ecotrophelia Portugal Prize 2018 addicionaly benefited with an IP voucher for each winner product and an IP seminar by Anabela Carvalho from Patentree.

The winners were presented today at Alfândega do Porto before an experts jury and a wide audience of the food sector.

Congratulation to Bean Ready for the 1st Prize – and good luck for the European Edition at SIAL Paris.

Congratulation to Legutê for the 2nd Prize and Drechies for the 3rd Prize.

Ecothrophelia Portugal competition aims to reward eco-innovation in the agro-food sector, where the products competing are evaluated by a multidisciplinary jury according to the criteria: Eco-innovation; organoleptic qualities; compliance to the legislation in force; industrial reproducibility, commercial relevance, package, business plan, social and environmental responsibility.